You don’t have to look hard or travel far to find someone that is frustrated or upset with the current state of the healthcare system. Why? Because it’s broken! Fundamentally and structurally. At HealthSplash, our goal is to deliver fast, efficient healthcare to the palm of your hand! That sounds like a pretty big job, right? It is, but we have already started. In order to truly deliver all of healthcare via a mobile device, we must give ownership back to the patient, integrate across numerous healthcare platforms and technologies, and bring solutions to current gaps in the healthcare system.

Give Ownership of Patient Data Back to the Patient!

It’s pretty simple, your healthcare records are yours! Our current system operates using a fragmented mentality. Individual hospitals, medical practices and healthcare providers use a variety of different platforms to track, store and then update your records. This isn’t a huge problem until you find yourself outside of that system. When that happens you might find yourself waiting for days to simply get YOUR records into the hands of those that need them faster than current systems deliver.

HealthSplash is an open platform data system that operates using blockchain technology. This approach allows you to own your own health records, which in turn makes a whole lot of other stuff possible. This foundational element of HealthSplash results in a fast, efficient healthcare system that will allow you to transfer and share your own data whenever, wherever and with whomever you want to. Let’s be a little more specific about all of that.

Modern Technology and Connectivity

Technology is currently advancing faster than the systems used to transfer data. A simple example are the devices and things we wear (or even carry around) in our pocket every day. These devices now have the ability, and will certainly have the ability in the future, for limitless possibilities in regards to collecting, storing and even evaluating what is going on inside of you. That’s right! Pretty soon the watch you wear and even your smartphone will be capable of monitoring the vital statistics inside of YOU.

Why is this important? This is critical because warning signs exist prior to most major medical emergencies. To keep it simple, your body emits warning signs that can (and should) be monitored. So imagine your watch telling you that you need to go see the doctor because something isn’t right. At the moment, we are reactive creatures rather than proactive ones when it comes to our healthcare needs. We react to the emergency, and oftentimes, we react too late.

How Does HealthSplash Work?

The truly technical answer to this would require a separate, much longer answer. Let’s start with the basics.

A blockchain system is a network of computers (nodes) that perform tasks related to validating and relaying data. This allows for easy transfer or data without the need to copy it. Originally devised to facilitate the exchange of digital currency, blockchain technology is rapidly moving into all forms of industry.

The approach to storage and transfer not only improves the accuracy of the data that’s collected and kept, but it also allows this information to be transferred in a way that can be secure or wide open, depending on the setup. However, the most important part is the ability to make all of this data available and accessible in a way that isn’t controlled, manipulated or corrupted by any one company, individual or organization.

HealthSplash allows healthcare patients (you) access to their personal health records and control of their health data. This control allows patients to access, share, review, and send their data to whomever they wish! Fast, efficient healthcare in the palm of your hand means you make your data as secure and encrypted as it needs to be, or as available as it needs to be to get the best healthcare advice and treatment at the time you need it! Not only will you have access to your records, but HealthSplash will allow you to find the right healthcare provider in your area for whatever you may need. It’s a tall order to revolutionize and change healthcare from the system used today, but as a community, we have the ability to make our healthcare system more transparent and accessible to all.