V.2 of DMERX Orthotics Exams is Now Available to All Practitioners

The system will default to the updated format beginning February 17, 2019. V.1 will no longer be available after March 3, 2019.

HealthSplash’s DMERX is updating the Orthotics Exam in an effort to improve the patient, clinician, and supplier engagement.  This update will reduce supplier requests for additional information from a physician.

Currently, users may toggle between V.1 and V.2 in the Patient Exam Requests Section of the Patient Information Page.  Watch the video above for  more information on the new exam version.

How to Toggle between V.1 and V.2

  1. Open the exam to view the Patient Information Page.  (Note that the page heading is “Orthotics Exam Ver 1 – Patient Information”)
  2. Scroll down to the second blue section of information on this page with the title “Patient Exam Requests”.
  3. For the “Select Exam Version” value, change the selection from “Version 1” to “Version 2”.
  4. Click the “Save and Finish Later” button.
  5. The exam will now show V.2.  When you click to open the exam again, the page heading will say “Orthotics Exam Ver 2 – Patient Information”.
  6. Navigate forward through this new version, just as you did with V.1.

For a step-by-step walkthrough, please click and watch the short video above.

Update Overview

  1. The “Other” box is now available in the prescribing portion of the exam.   This removes the restriction of having to select a specific HCPCS Code. You may enter a description of the item if you do not know the HCPCS you wish to order.
  2. There is a “Description of Symptoms” Section added.
  3. There are several new objective tests available. Users now have the ability to notate any tests that are not performed.