SplashWrx gathers and computes data to learn what your business needs operationally.

SplashWrx aims to solve the biggest problem in healthcare: denied medical claims due to incorrect data.

The completed documentation is produced using AI and machine learning with specifications from healthcare Subject Matter Experts (SMEs). SplashWrx intakes all regulatory standards and requirements that healthcare servicers or payors would require for proper claim approval.

Together with SplashRx, SplashWrx delivers validated, complete and accurate documentation in real-time.

  • Gathers information regarding your business needs.

  • Interprets your data with machine learning and AI to constantly better your business operations.

  • Provides real-time feedback for clinicians and updates patient information while reducing double entry.

Benefits for Suppliers

  • Create smart workflows and implement changes to physicians immediately

  • Eliminate double entry and reduce addendum requests

  • Automate your workflow and paperwork processes

Benefits for Providers

  • Cut down on time spent filling out order requests and addendums

  • Spend more time seeing your patients and less time charting

  • Provide a better patient experience for ordering medical supplies

Benefits for Payors

  • Update requirements immediately and disseminate directly to physicians and suppliers

  • Standardize workflows and procedures with all of your customers

  • Gain access to supporting documentation at the time of encounter