SplashRx delivers medical documentation requests directly into a prescriber’s EHR system.

SplashRx encompasses HealthSplash’s overall mission: to instantly deliver healthcare data to the right person at the right time to save lives.

SplashRx allows suppliers, providers, and payors to seamlessly and securely pass data to one another. Utilizing HealthSplash’s platform and the SplashWrx workflow tool, SplashRx facilitates the exchange of completed documentation between practitioners and healthcare servicers.

The completed documents can be downloaded by anyone requiring proper documentation to confidently dispense healthcare services.

  • Ensures complete and compliant encounters between Healthcare providers and patients.

  • Provides real-time feedback for clinicians regarding missing or incomplete data to support medical necessity.

  • Memorializes these encounters as organized, indelible records of the encounter

Benefits for Suppliers

  • Integrate documentation requirements directly into EHR systems

  • Eliminate tedious back and forth communication with the physician’s office

  • Improve your DSO and cut down on chasing documentation

Benefits for Providers

  • Receive all necessary documentation requirements directly into your current EHR system

  • Eliminate the need for paper faxing

  • Provide a better patient experience for ordering medical supplies

Benefits for Payors

  • Receive complete, memorialized patient encounters

  • Reduce auditing time and paperwork

  • Gain access to supporting documentation at the time of encounter