There is no hiding it….the Medicare criteria required for determining patient need for a power mobility device (like a scooter or power wheelchair)  is both overwhelming, complex and requires a lot of documentation.


The Problem: So Complicated!

A power mobility device (PMD) is near impossible to prescribe due to the numerous steps in the daunting documentation process including the assessment, creation of the required ‘7 element prescription’, supplemental evidence of patient need, and a detailed written order.


Physicians can’t remember in entirety the complex assessment criteria ‘off the top of their head’ without some element of guidance through the process.


Missing one or more elements of the required functional mobility assessment can result in endless back and forth calls between a supplier and the doctor’s office so that the supplier can fulfill and deliver the PMD to the patient.


During the frustrating back and forth with the office and supplier, the patient is still without a solution to their mobility needs, and the doctor often has to require the patient to come back for further assessment criteria.


The Solution: Technology Advancements Make it Easy!  

Eliminating the frustrations normally associated with power mobility prescribing can be accomplished through the utilization of an electronic clinical exam template.  


A PMD electronic clinical exam template creates a ‘seamless’ assessment process that guides the physician through the medical issues that must be addressed for determining patient need.  


DMERX (now SplashRx), pioneered a unique PMD e-prescribing process in 2010 that has now become the ‘Gold Standard’ for assessing and meeting the medical documentation of need challenge.


Patients needing complex ‘Rehab Level’ power wheelchairs requiring a Physical Therapist Functional Mobility and Seating Assessment can have those assessments performed as well via the SplashRx Physical Therapist Assessment module.


One of the major benefits of the HealthSplash solution is the ability for the Prescriber and Supplier to connect throughout the assessment and prescribing process on the platform and get access to the completed SOAP formatted, face-to-face PMD documentation record and corresponding ‘7 Element Prescription’.


Suppliers are notified by email immediately upon completion of the patient assessment and can access the competed documentation. Immediate access eliminates the need to wait for the exam documentation to be faxed to the Supplier.


The Result: Time Saved and Patient Satisfaction

Turnaround time from date of patient assessment to delivery of their power mobility device is improved dramatically.


A patient’s functional mobility needs are improved much faster resulting in higher Patient, Physician, and Supplier satisfaction with the entire PMD prescribing process.

Want to start saving time on your power mobility documentation? Book a demo with HealthSplash today.