The Kansas Division of Health Care Finance and HealthSplash are in discussions for a potential pilot using HealthSplash’s smart workflow technology aimed at providing a better customer experience surrounding Medicaid Eligibility for Kansas residents.

Kansas Public Health officials will meet with HealthSplash Thursday morning for a live demonstration of potential solutions that could increase flexibility and lower costs for KanCare’s Medicaid eligibility process.

HealthSplash, a healthcare technology company located in Overland Park, Kansas, provides a technology platform solution for healthcare providers and servicers for the purpose of eliminating friction and waste from the healthcare industry.

“We are excited to be in conversations with HealthSplash and to learn about the value they can deliver to create efficiencies and provide greater accuracy in eligibility determination in Kansas Medicaid. We are impressed with HealthSplash leadership and [we are] enthusiastic to learn more about this potential partnership,” said Jon Hamdorf, Director of the Division of Health Care Finance and State Medicaid Director, KDHE.

Since 2015, KanCare has been implementing a new process for Medicaid applications from a multiple, regional model to a singular, digital model. The new system routes all applications in the state of Kansas to one entity, the “KanCare Clearinghouse”, in Topeka. Due to a complete operational shift in processing eligibility, KanCare has been looking for solutions to help increase efficiency that the program first set out to achieve.

“We founded HealthSplash to cure inefficiencies and roadblocks in the healthcare industry through innovative technology solutions,” HealthSplash CEO Brett Blackman said. 

Blackman says he wants the opportunity to work with KanCare and provide a better customer experience to their patients through smart technology solutions and a simplified Medicaid eligibility process.

Blackman and his team will participate and showcase their new healthcare product services and efficiency tools at the Health 2.0 12th Annual Fall Conference Sept. 16-18 at the Santa Clara Convention Center in Silicon Valley, Calif.  They will demonstrate their patient mobile app capabilities as well as their workflow rules engine at the conference.

“We focus on removing expensive engineering costs from business operations with tools and workflows designed to give authority and flexibility directly to subject matter experts within organizations, allowing entities to move from reactive models to proactive solutions,” Blackman said. “All businesses are unique, so why shouldn’t their software be?”

HealthSplash CTO Ron Sloop has built SplashRx on his proprietary technology platform that many Fortune 50 companies use in other industries. 

“In healthcare, it’s clear there is still no real solution for integrating numerous healthcare platforms together that removes data silos, which eliminates double entry, errors and administrative waste,” Sloop said.

“Our hope is to work with Kansas to build workflows that will allow for the right data to be delivered to the right person within KanCare at the right time, which in turn will create a better experience for their patients and their staff,” Sloop said.

You can find out more about HealthSplash’s software, products, and services at 

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About HealthSplash
Company Name: HealthSplash, Inc.
Representative: CEO and Co-Founder, Brett Blackman
Location: 7007 College Blvd, Ste. 400, Overland Park, KS 66211

Company Information:
HealthSplash is giving data ownership back to the patient by integrating numerous healthcare platforms together and bringing real-world solutions to current gaps in the healthcare system. HealthSplash aims to deliver fast, efficient healthcare solutions in the hands of patients to create a greater customer experience. 


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Kansas Department of Health and Environment
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