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Are you a patient?

The HealthSplash App is Coming Soon

  • Doctor Search & Schedule 

    Easily search the best doctors in your area that accept your insurance and schedule appointments in three taps or less directly in the app — without ever speaking to anyone.

  • See Your doctor From Home

    Skip the waiting room and connect directly to your doctor via secure video chat.

  • Own Your Medical Records

    Securely store your medical records in one place to easily view and send them to any doctor you choose.

  • Compare Prices

    Save money by comparing urgent care center out-of-pocket costs and other possible expenses.

Are You a Medical Professional?

Healthcare Documentation Tool

Ensure your documentation always meets the requirements for ever-evolving regulatory standards.

  • Save Time & Frustration

    We streamline communication between suppliers and providers ▬ saving you hours of documentation time.

  • Reduce Paperwork

    The compliance world is ever-changing. Our built-in rules and logic sets help (there’s a double “help” currently in the body text) you stay up-to-date and reduce costly errors and penalties.

  • Reduce Errors

    The compliance world is ever-changing. Our built-in rules and logic sets help you stay up-to-date and reduce costly errors and penalties.

  • Improve Patient & Service Care

    Complete and accurate medical records allow your patients to receive better care.

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I have used HealthSplash (previously DMERX) for approximately two years. First of all, the complexity, frustration and exasperation associated with documentation is virtually eliminated. Personally, I cannot imagine processing medical documentation any other way. Our audits and denials are less than one percent today. That is almost a miracle. There are so many reasons for suppliers and physicians to use DMERX.
Terri Davis, E-Medical Documentation

HealthSplash has saved the day for Power Wheelchair providers. Way to go HealthSplash, thank you for saving us from Medicare Audits!

Austin Ganny, Universal Healthcare, Atlanta, Georgia

I am very impressed with the HealthSplash online electronic power mobility evaluation tool for MD’s. The face-to-face evaluation is among the most important criteria for the power vehicle, and it is the piece that takes the most time and often has to be repeated due to lack of complete information. This is the best solution I’ve seen yet and I wish all the power mobility providers used it. You are to be commended for advancing to state of the art evaluation tools that assist the MD in their practice, saving time and increasing clarity of orders.

Maxine Malini, CHC Internal Medicine Clinic, AZ

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