HealthSplash Founder Ignites Campaign to Get People to Own Their Own Data #YouOwnYou: Healthcare Disruptor is Transforming Healthcare through Blockchain and Giving Control Back to the Patient

Overland Park, KS (January 22, 2018) Brett Blackman, founder, and CEO of HealthSplash, begins his mission to promote changing healthcare through blockchain technology on Thursday, January 25th at the Crypto Funding Summit in Los Angeles.

Blackman, a highly visible voice in shifting the existing healthcare paradigm, is an advocate for transforming healthcare from reactive to proactive care and challenging people to own their own healthcare data.

Blackman’s global speaking tour coins the phrase #YouOwnYou: and makes its debut at the conference, featuring dozens of other influencers in the crypto community, on January 25th at 2:15 p.m. at the Los Angeles Convention Center. He will deliver his keynote speech, “You Own You: Revolutionizing Healthcare and Giving Control Back to the Patient” also at the Blockchain Asia Expo on March 2nd at 10:00 a.m. in Davao City, Philippines.

HealthSplash’s initial SAFT (Simple Agreement for Future Tokens) release to friends and family coincides with Blackman’s global speaking tour. HealthSplash emphasizes to potential investors that it is more than a whitepaper and concept; the company has already beta tested its theories and has generated revenue from the technology products they have tested. Interested investors will be joining an already existent company, not a theory waiting to be developed.

The HealthSplash platform includes a website portal and patient and physician apps, offering doctor reviews, appointment scheduling, compliance software, electronic workflows, telemedicine, wearables integration, pharmacy, labs, and will continue to evolve to include the latest technologies and integrations.

“Our vision uses technology to help patients take an active role in managing their health and wellness, giving them ownership of their own data, removing existing roadblocks and providing complete transparency into how they interact with everyone in the healthcare system,” Blackman says.

More info about HealthSplash’s ICO offering can be found here. A preview of Blackman’s talk can be found here.

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