Healthcare Disruptor Adds Growing Compliance Software Company to its Transformative Technology Platform

Paola, KS(September 13,2017) – HealthSplash an emerging digital healthcare technology disruptor, announced today that it has acquired DMERX, the DME documentation compliance solution for prescribing practitioners, therapists, and DME suppliers

The purchase of DMERX/PMDRX(Power Mobility Doctor Rx), a rapidly growing, seven-year-old multi-faceted technology platform for patient assessment and documentation compliance, will allow HealthSplash to help more physicians and suppliers solve documentation challenges and operate more efficiently using the company’s industry-leading compliance software.

HealthSplash is reinventing the Healthcare experience by combining the latest digital technologies to make quality healthcare more accessible, open and efficient by encouraging better communication between patient and healthcare professionals.

Of the recent acquisition, DMERX CEO Gary Cox said, “We are excited to join HealthSplash and be part of its plan to disrupt the healthcare industry and bring DMERX’s powerful compliance software to all corners of the healthcare industry.”

“DMERX’s expertise in EHR software, DME supplier operations, physician practices, Medicare billing and documentation compliance will enable HealthSplash to expand its already growing platform and rapidly bring to market new innovative solutions with the speed and transparency the healthcare industry so desperately needs, “says HealthSplash Founder and chairman, Brett Blackman.

“The addition of DMERX gets us one step closer to fulfilling our overall mission to use healthcare data to help eradicate Preventable diseases, ” he adds.

About HealthSplash

HealthSplash, Inc is a transparent healthcare platform for clinicians, patient, and suppliers that empowers the patient to receive the most efficient care, doctors to operate practices more efficiently, and transforms the entire healthcare experience.

HealthSplash’s 360″ solution combines the latest healthcare technologies with a “Connect to One” Connect to All™” approach that allows providers access to real-time information and enables decisions based on the most appropriate data to save lives.

HealthSplash’s online patient referral portal generates thousands of appointment requests daily from patients seeking in-home evaluations, follow-up care, and annual wellness exams.

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