How do you prepare for the CoronaVirus? The CDC is recommending that all Americans take the following steps:

1. Be prepared. Gather supplies in case you cannot get out to shop. Food, Cleaning supplies, medications.
2. Create community. Check-in with your neighbors and lend a hand. Make sure you are connected to your neighborhood community pages to reach out if you need help.
3. Plan ahead. Have a strategy in place in case you get sick. Know where to go and who to call for help. Have your medical records in hand to get help quickly.


In the chaos of a pandemic, you want to know that you will receive the BEST CARE. In emergencies, doctors have to make split-second treatment decisions. Their decisions are influenced by the availability of treatment and their access to your medical records. Have your medical records in hand, so that any doctor can asses your specific needs with confidence and reduce the risk of uninformed medical errors.


Take Control of Your Health

Be Prepared

Create Community

Plan Ahead

Why do I need my medical records?

The CDC is preparing several treatment plans for those that have COVID-19. If you get sick, you want to be sure you receive the correct treatment. Having your medical history in hand will ensure that you receive the best treatment Specific to YOU!

For the FIRST TIME EVER with the advances of technology, you can request and send your medical records electronically to a provider’s Electronic Health Records Software Eliminating Double Entry and providing them with your medical records the second you arrive!

By downloading your medical records in your SplashMed patient portal, you will have the tools to get the care you need when you need it. Be empowered by being prepared for COVID-19 or any other medical situation.

Download your medical records today!
Ready when you need them.

Request My Medical Records

How does this work?

By submitting a request for your medical records, SplashMed will request them from your providers. You will have the opportunity to request records from your entire Care Team – Primary Care provider, Specialists and Hospitals.

1. Today, request your medical records from your entire Care Team. No matter how many providers you see, SplashMed will compile your medical history and make it available to you.

2. In the future, your medical records are available at your fingertips to share with any provider. You can make them available at the time of service and NOT weeks later. Medical records are available electronically and YOU can make sure that your Care Team has them.

Being a member of the SplashMed community means that you have access to your healthcare records when you need it.


Who is SplashMed?

SplashMed is a platform that national medical providers use to transmit health records to improve patient care. SplashMed facilitates the exchange of completed documentation between practitioners and healthcare servicers. Now you can have access to the same information to aid in your own medical decisions. It’s YOUR health. Shouldn’t YOU be in control of YOUR health records?

Is this safe?
Yes, SplashMed is a member of the Healthcare Trust Network. This is a network used within the medical industry to ensure HIPAA compliance.

Why now?
CMS has mandated that medical professionals begin using this technology to communicate within the industry. The COVID-19


pandemic is accelerating this need to include Patient requests as well. More and more patients want to be armed with the same information available to their providers.


Why does it work?
Every Certified EHR system is required to allow practitioners to share information securely and easily within their EHR. SplashMed operates on these standards, which allows YOU to connect the same way.


Basic (1) Request
per month
(2-5) Request per month

6 or more Request per month

FREE 7-day trial

FREE 7-day trial

FREE 7-day trial

$9.99 per month for storage & portal access.

$18.99 per month for storage & portal access.

$29.99 per month for storage & portal access.

Request Medical Records from every facility within the Network

Available for Download

Access includes the ability to send your records to any provider in the network nationwide.

2 adults and 3 children

Each Additional $3.99

Request Medical Records from every facility within the Network

Available for Download

Access includes the ability to send your records to any provider in the network nationwide.

Request Medical Records from every facility within the Network

Available for Download

Will my Doctor participate?

SplashMed is integrated with ALL accredited Electronic Health Records systems in the country. You won’t find a more complete network.

Delivering the Future of Healthcare March 9,2020

Empowering American Patients with Access and Control over their Healthcare Data

You have a right to your healthcare information. This fundamental principle has long been enshrined in American healthcare policy, serving as a core component of HIPAA, the HITECH Act, and the 21st Century Cures Act. Unfortunately, far too many American patients find it difficult—if not outright impossible—to fully exercise that right. Despite incredible technological advances, driven by the hard work of a generation of reformers and entrepreneurs, patients still experience the unnecessary delays and clinical risks created by the lack of access to their own healthcare information.

That changes today.

The 3rd leading cause of death in the United States is a result of medical errors.

A recent study by Johns Hopkins estimates that over 250,000 Americans die each year from medical errors. Medical errors are often caused by inaccurate or incomplete patient information.

SplashMed Opens Medical Records to the Public. You can now request your personal medical records from over 90% of HealthCare organizations including 2.2 million Doctors.

Get Your Medical Records

Emily Jerry was two years old when she lost her life through medical error. -Courtesy of Chris Jerry