Our response to COVID – 19

Projects we are working on:

Nationwide Health Information Exchange (HIE) update as a trusted member of DirectTrust.
✓ Verify and Validate endpoints in the Health Information Exchange (HIE).
✓ Publish a validated healthcare directory
Register to validate your data.

Make personal health records available to ALL. SplashMed facilitates patient access to personal medical records. Learn More

Standardize the Person Under Investigation (PUI) trace form for agencies to report COVID data.

Standardize Physician Electronic Encounters to meet reporting requirements.

At HealthSplash, we are doing everything we can to improve efficiency in healthcare during this crisis.

As many of you know, we have been working intently over the last few years to build a Real-Time Pre-Authorization solution Integrated into every Certified EHR at HealthSplash. What we were not planning was that our solution would play a significant role within the current Covid-19 Pandemic.

HealthSplash is working with the COVID-19 HITECH Healthcare Coalition. This private-sector collaborative includes EHR vendors (Epic, athenahealth), Big Tech (AWS, Microsoft), health systems (Mayo, Intermountain) and many others, all working to speed development of “secure, ethical, innovative, open source” tools to combat the crisis.

If you are interested in helping us, please sign up here. We need individuals to help assist in data clean up. And, we are looking for consumers who would like to BetaTest the patient medical record download.